It’s Gone? Discontinued Products

As I think I have made clear, I think Costco is a great store.  However, it is not perfect. One of my gripes is the frequency with which Costco discontinues products.  I’d say that these always seem to be my favorite products and therefore think that I have bad (or unusual) taste and like unpopular items or that Costco is out to “get me” by getting rid of my favorite foods. The more logical hypothesis is that I tend to only notice the items that I like that have been discontinued because I look for those. (For example, if they get rid of Spam, men’s wool socks, or 300-pack cartons of toothpicks, I wouldn’t know).

Now, a post about discontinued products really won’t bring them back but I want to see if others remember and/or liked these, if others have other products they miss, and if people have other sources of finding these or similar items.

1. Two-bite cinnamon rolls: sold in a bucket of about 30 of these delicious mini cinnamon rolls, I can purchase them at other stores but they are pretty expensive.

2. Royal fjord salmon: I reviewed this salmon right before it was discontinued. Now they replaced it with a honey maple salmon.

3. Golden Taste tuna deluxe: oh I am so disappointed. I love this tuna. When I called to see if it was in stock, I was told that it was not currently on order but *might* be back. I sure hope it is!

(I called back and they did have it in stock so I am not sure if this product is on its way out but I am happy that it may still be sold!)

4. Hoody’s Orchard trail mix: the most popular review on my blog so I know others are interested in the product. There is a Kirkland variety that looks similar.

5. MaraNatha almond butter: the replacement Kirkland variety is very good so this is not a huge problem.

6. Sea creatures and alphabet vanilla cookies: I ate way too many of these during college. The freshman weight gain was more from these cookies in a huge tub (think the bear jar of animal crackers in a boring round shape) than from the all-you-can-eat dining hall.

7. Alphabet graham cookies: same as above but a sweet graham cookie.

8. Classic Cooking vegetable kugel: Similar to the holiday broccoli kugel but with mixed vegetables.

Do you remember these items?

What products do you miss?


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32 Responses to It’s Gone? Discontinued Products

  1. Bethany says:

    I bet the tuna will be back for Pesach next year.


  2. Cruisingcostco says:

    I actually added in parentheses below the tuna that it is back! I got a few because they were dated far out. I sure hope it stays a regular item…so good!


  3. Paula E. says:

    I miss the Kirkland (true) deep dish cheese, sausage,
    black olives. Excellent!
    This dish was so outstanding that I often got it to
    celebrate and give as gifts to others.


    • Just like Ben and Jerry’s has a “flavor graveyard” of the flavors that are no longer produced (oh fudge truffle, I still miss you!), Costco can have a “product graveyard” for products they no longer carry.


      • Marilyn says:

        Why when decaf coffee is such a big seller is it discontinued? This is not a good decision who ever made it. I think it should be brought back a lot of seniors use it and support Costco.


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  7. Sue O says:

    I am hoping someone can help. They had a really great camp chair – it was light grey, padded, with padded armrests, and it had like crushed velour as the fabric rather than the traditional polyester. It was really comfy. I can’t find it anywhere – I would love to buy one – even used!! I bought it prior to the year 2000, but sadly lost it in a move.


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  10. Jessica Ohly says:

    My whole family still misses the Asian mix. My sister-in-law and dad fought over the sesame sticks!


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  12. Neal Pellecchia says:

    Frozen chopped clams in their liquor. Early 1990’s. As tasty as fresh! At least tell us where they came from.


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  15. K Sass says:

    I miss the Kirkland Turkey burgers and the Sabra P
    each Mango Salsa


  16. Bob McKean says:

    Frozen concentrated orange juice 6 pack. Also, lemonade and punch concentrate.


  17. Bob says:

    I miss the court classic tennis shoes and the blue jeans that were just like classic Levis.


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  22. Barb says:

    I just heard they are getting ready to discontinue Woodbridge. DONT DO IT, COSTCO!!!


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  24. Mikekadid says:

    WHY NO CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM?? only vanilla?????? I know it’s a plot against me I just know it!!


  25. Shawn says:

    I miss the sunflower seed cookies. Does anyone remember the name of them?


  26. Sharla Ashmore says:

    A month ago there was a good supply of Kirkland 3 lb. tins of Decaf coffee. This week, none!
    For three months, no Kirkland 12 packs of canned green beans, our favorites. Now no Kirkland canned corn, either. Hopefully these are temporary outages, although the coffee disappeared once before until they had complaints. This is the Independence, MO store.


  27. Judy L says:

    I went online to order Pure Via in the 800 count box because I can’t get there due to an injury (dislocated shoulder) and they no longer have it. It just disappeared suddenly. I did order one box earlier this summer but am almost out! So disappointed as I live the product and they had the best price!


  28. Celia Paradiso says:

    more than 20 years buying decaffeinated from Kirkland we cant get use to another, I hope will be temporary cannot live without that taste


  29. Donald Tait says:

    Kirkland 3lb. decaf coffee not available in Kanata ON over past 6 weeks with no alternative decaf available. Hope they fix this soon.


  30. A.T says:

    Miss the Costco granola!!


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